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It Happened at " The Beach "

Here's our story about an amazing fashionable and functional product called “Beach Bright Flip Flops". 
The inspiration for these flip flops comes from the three most important men in my life; Michael, David and Daniel.

My son Daniel's love of the beach as a young boy was to spend hours digging holes in the sand at St. Pete Beach. Not just little holes, but a place where one could take a book, sit down in that hole and find their own piece of serenity.

He would dig day after day until it was time to head back home from our vacation. I often think about those days and those large holes in the sand. Each day as the sun was setting we would completely fill in each hole to ensure the safety of the night time beach strollers.

My son David's inspiration with these flip flops comes from not only the love of the beach, but from our other favorite family place to visit; Niagara-On-The-Lake, Ontario Canada. When David returned home from his first tour of duty in Iraq, we spent a beautiful day in Canada, with a stop to one of our favorite shops, the Christmas Store.

It was David who requested the purchase of the amazing star shaped LED Christmas lights. The glow was so warm and captivating that we had to have them for our Christmas decorations at home.

You are wondering now, how does all this fit into flip flops........

Well the week before this excursion my husband Michael took me to Sanibel to celebrate my birthday. This beautiful tranquil beach at night is so dark, only lit by the brightness of the moon shining down on us. To stroll at night one may feel the need to carry a flashlight.

A flashlight, so unromantic, I thought. There must be a better way. After all you would want that security on the beach; some adorable child could have been digging holes all day.......

Okay, back to the Christmas lights...
when we returned from our wonderful day and so excited about our great find, we turned off all the lights in our home and illuminated the LED strands of

Sitting there in the dark a light went on in my head (get it, a light), I placed one of the beautiful star shaped lights' between my toes and at that moment, the “Beach Bright Flip Flop” was born. No more fear of walking the beach, down a dock, through a park, across a college campus, or a dark area anywhere.

May our “Beach Bright Flip Flops" bring you a piece of serenity.

                                                    Peace and Serenity,

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